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Kevin Laux: Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

I’ve always been fascinated by the workings of the human body.  I pursued this further by studying science at the University of Illinois, double majoring in Bio-Engineering and Chemistry.  While initially pondering further academic studies and research, I ultimately felt called to pursue medicine and wanted to be a primary care physician.

While applying to go to Medical school, I met a Doctor who also practiced Acupuncture. He was fascinated by Chinese Medicine.  He stated “I wish I knew more about this medicine.  I feel it has so much to offer to help my patients but I know so little about it”.  This sparked my curiosity; I ultimately shifted gears and decided I would pursue a Masters in Chinese medicine before enrolling in Medical school.

It didn’t take long to learn that the study and practice of Chinese Medicine would be a lifelong one. After graduating from my Masters program, I still felt like there were many things I didn’t understand about the medicine. This led me to a PhD program studying Classical Chinese Medicine in California in 2010 (www.aucm.org). The teachings come from a lineage of Daoism that traces back to the 12th century in China. Many great scholars and practitioners have come from this lineage. My teacher, Jeffrey Yuen, is the 88th generation of the Daoist Jade School of Purity and is a world renowned lecturer. I inspire to be as aware, knowledgeable, powerful, and compassionate as him.

In addition, I have spent many years enhancing my knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine.  I have learned a great deal about herbs from Jeffrey Yuen.  I’ve also completed a 2 year diplomate program with the Institute of Classics of East Asian Medicine, founded by Dr. Arnaud Versluys.  I am currently enrolled in a 2 year program with Dr. Heiner Freuhoff.  I know enough about herbalism to understand I’ll never truly master this complex and beautiful medicine.

I have been in the world of healing for over 20 years now.  My passion for healing keeps expanding and evolving.  My aim is to share this knowledge through sessions, while also mentoring/teaching other healers.  I am increasingly feeling called to share my expanding connection with spirituality and it’s role in healing.

Personally, I am a father of three lovely daughters.  I love their permissions and encouragement to keep acting young and carefree.  I am also a big fan of music and concerts.  I also love being in nature, acting like a novice comedian, kayaking and cooking.  Life is a beautiful and varied experience.


Education & Training

Tennessee Licensed Acupuncturist #400

  • Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Daoist Traditions, 2022.
  • Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, AOMA graduate school of Integrative Medicine, 2005
  • Bachelor of Life Science, double major of Bioengineering and Chemistry, University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, 2000
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