These are the rates for payment at time of service.  The price listed includes a prompt payment discount.

Herbs, supplements and topicals are an extra charge.  Any additional fees will be discussed before charging.

If financial hardship precludes you from meeting these prices, we may be able to work with you. Please contact us to discuss.


Initial Treatment: $135 – full health history intake, diagnosis and treatment

length: 90 minutes

Follow up, Standard: $85 – full session followed by rest/integration period

length: 60-75 minutes

Follow up, Extended: $110- full session with additional hands on work, (for more entrenched conditions needing extra attention)

length: Up to 90 minutes


Cost included in price of Acupuncture sessions


Cost included as part of acupuncture sessions

Herbal Consultation

Herbal consultation is included in the price of Acupuncture treatments. The following prices are for herbal consult only (no Acupuncture).  Herbs are an extra charge (usually between $20/$40 per week)

Initial Consultation: $60.00 – 30-45 minutes

Follow Up: $35 – 15-20 minutes

Children (12 and under)

Treatments usually last 30-45 minutes.  Treatment can be done with acupuncture (some kids do like it!), or just acupressure, depending on your child’s preference.

Initial Treatment: $70 –  30 to 45 minutes

Follow up treatments: $45 –  up to 30 minutes

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