Gluten Free Pancakes

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When I started focusing on a more gluten free breakfast, I started eating breakfast tacos almost non stop.  While delicious, there are sometimes my body craved something a little more on the sweet side.  Gluten Free Pancakes are easily prepared and provide a sweet breakfast that is both healthy and filling.  It has a good amount of proteins and essential fatty acids to get you started off right!  Even your kids will love this meal.


Banana – You only need a half if you’re making a meal for one.

Eggs – one for 1 person.

Nut Butter – 1 Tb if cooking for one person.  You can use any kind really.  My favorite is raw almond butter.

Oil – for your saute pan.  My favorite is unrefined coconut oil.


Fruit – I like to put blueberries in my batter and add strawberries on top.

Grade B Maple Syrup – chalkful of B vitamins and deliciously sweet and rich

Spices:: ground cinnamon gives a nice spice.  Cardamom is also a nice addition

Cooking method

Start by adding eggs to a bowl and mixing them.  Add banana and about 1 tablespoon of nut butter.  Stir and mash all these ingredients together until you have a uniform batter.

Once the pan has reached a medium heat, add in the batter.  You can easily make pancakes about 4 inches in diameter.  If the heat is right, it should start bubbling immediately.  You’ll need to flip after 1-2 minutes of cooking.  You’ll know it’s ready when the edges start to come up from the pan surface.  I like them to be slightly browned on each side.

Once you cook the other side, put it on a plate and add any additional toppings (fruit/syrup/yogurt).  All that’s left is to enjoy this simple, yet elegant treat!

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