Research Proves Acupuncture is Effective for Pain

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The American Academy of Family Physicians posted this article about the positive effect of Acupuncture for pain.  To summarize, research finds that Acupuncture is beneficial for chronic pain.  It specifically evaluated non specific pain of the back/neck, or pain related to chronic headaches or osteoarthritis.

The article also stated how Primary Care Physicians have some reluctance referring to an Acupuncturists.  This is understandable.  I personally want to know the people that I’m referring my patients to.  I want to know that they’re trained well.  I want to know that they understand the limits of what they can heal.  I want to know that they’re worthy of investing trust in.

I believe that practitioners of Chinese Medicine will ultimately become more integrated with Western Medicine.  I have worked in an integrated with Physicians in Austin for the past 3 years.  I see a very clear benefit to Acupuncturists and Physicians working side by side.

If you are a Doctor, or just want your Doctor to know more about Acupuncture, I’m always happy to come and give a small talk on Chinese Medicine.  I’m very passionate about this medicine and love to share what I know.  Please let me know if I can help in any way.  Email to is a very easy way to reach me.  I am also happy to talk on the phone at 512.506.1179.

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