Tahini-miso sauce

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I first got into Tahini Sauces when I started looking for vegetarian options to nourish my blood.  I found that eating vegetables on their own didn’t satiate; adding this protein rich substance helped to balance this out.  This is a very easy to make side dish that goes well with greens (kale is my favorite) and either brown rice or quinoa.

Tahini is the butter that comes from Sesame seeds.  According to Chinese medicine, this seed strengthens kidneys and nourishes liver blood.  As such, it can help with problems like blurry vision, dry skin and brittle nails.  It will also help to strenthen endurance and fortitude.


1 tablespoon or less of Miso (play with this, this is what gives the saltiness)

1/2 to 1 cup Tahini

Optional:  Honey, Ginger root, Orange/lemon zest, Coriander, etc.


Add Miso to roughly 3 oz. hot water (cooled down from boiling) and stir.  If you like Ginger, you can either boil it ahead of time, or steep a few slices in this water.  Add any of the optional spices at this time.  Then, add in the Tahini and stir vigorously.  The sauce should be thick, so add Tahini until it is more of a paste than a liquid.  The substance will thicken upon cooling.  If desired, add honey to sweeten the flavor.

This sauce works well added on top of greens.  Since the Miso is a live culture, this sauce will last roughly 4 days before it starts to go decay.

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