A practice for integratings our wounds and our hearts

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(this came to me as I was doing a distance session with a dear old patient.  Feel free to integrate or disregard based on how it lands within your being.  Enjoy!)




Often we think of our dark spaces, our places where we are wounded and scarred, as parts of us that we need to clear.  (I do at least).  That can lead to a vacuity in our heart center, where we feel empty of something of the light bringing nature touching us.  

Instead, can we invite those dark areas into the core of our existence?  As I was doing a distance session, this is a method that guided me:

  • We acknowledge that our hurts, better or worse, have formed who we are today
  • We invite an awareness that we see this because of the light that is seeded not only in the universe, but within the darkness itself.  They are Yin and Yang and must remain connected.  
  • In that space we allow the darkness into the center of our heart, and let it ground through all of the substances inside of us. 
  • We allow our diaphragm to open, so that it may connect from chest, to abdomen, down into the core of us in our lower body.  
    • umbilicus
    • lower abdomen
    • pelvic hip girdle.  
    • back, sacrum, legs
    • Down through to the earth and our particular landing spot in it.  The ground underneath it, the structures that arise from it, the people living in it that surround us, the people we remain connected to always (wherever they may be)
  • We invite this to be the dark moisture, much like the fluid that allows for a rose to have it’s dark richness
  • We invite those rose petals to be our offerings to the world that surrounds us
    • This can be our pains which we allow to evaporate
    • But also, and simultaneously, the way in which we work with our external world. 


In this space, we can bring the entirety of us to our external world.  

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