Distance based healing sessions

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Hi all,

The pandemic was hard for a lot of us, but hopefully there were some bright spots too.  For me, it was very (very, very) hard to shut down both my Texas practice and not get started on my new Tennessee practice.  It turns out I need to help people feel better almost as much as they seem to need my help.  Having strong purpose in life is very helpful.

As I was figuring out what to do with myself (besides being the full time stay at home Dad), I started randomly thinking about my patients in Austin.  I would reach out to them to check in; sure enough they were struggling with something and grateful for some help.  We would do a video session with the hopes of finding the right Acupressure, lifestyle and herbal combination to help them feel better.  That’s when I realized I could sense their imbalances from afar.  I had been working with some of these folks for a while, so I had earned their trust.  The experimentation began.

I would pause the video session, have the patient lie down or meditate, and start to “work” on their imbalances.  I would focus on certain meridians and see if blockages could move, or if energies could balance.  After 30-40 minutes we would get back on the video call to go over the session and form a self care plan.  I wish I took before and after pictures!!!  My patients looked very relaxed and reported feeling much better after the sessions.  Whatever discomfort they were experiencing seemed to shift substantially.

You might ask… how is this possible?  Have you ever heard the term “We’re all connected.”?  This theory exists in Daoist beliefs that form the core of Chinese Medicine practices.  Furthermore, it looks like science is proving this more on a regular basis.  Quantum physics is showing that tiny particles can affect each other from thousands of miles away.   We’re made up of millions of tiny particles, so it turns out we can do that for each other too!

If your mind goes blank a little at the thought of quantum physics like mine, we can just keep it simple.  I believe these sessions work due to our inherent connection with The Dao, which is that great unknown force that motivates us, connects us and can even heal us when we let it.  I also refer to this as “The God Network”.  To me, it’s like I’m praying, but with very specific intentions of medical intervention.

I truthfully had doubts about being able to help people in this way.  I know that this form of healing has existed in many forms for a long time (probably since the origin of life).  Reiki focuses on this type of healing, either in person or from a distance.  It likely has many other names.  I’ve experienced it firsthand in my classes with my teacher Jeffrey Yuen, who is an 88th generation Daoist priest.  Being in class with him, just as he lectures, is one of the most powerful experiences of my life.  I always feel my energy shifting dramatically just from being in the same room as him.  I along with many of my classmates report feeling his help from afar.

Yet… I still had doubts, even as I started helping people with these sessions.  If we forward a year plus to the now, they have dissolved.  I’ve helped enough people to know that I am capable of helping people no matter the distance.  All that matters is we can connect, and then I get to work.

For a full disclaimer, the research on distance or prayer healing is a mixed bag.  Some reports find it helpful, others state no effect.  I found this article interesting on exploring why that is, but I’ll leave it to you to research further if you like.  I trust that I can help people in this way.

Please reach out if you’d like for me to help or have questions.  You can also go to online scheduling site if you want to schedule.  Sessions usually take a~90 minutes, but could possibly be done in a shorter time if needed.



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