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What is Community Acupuncture?

Community Acupuncture is done in a larger space, with multiple people receiving treatment in the same room.  Instead of massage tables, you’ll receive acupuncture either in a reclining chair or while lying on a yoga mat.  All efforts will be made for you to be comfortable.

Due to the group setting,  a quiet atmosphere is emphasized as much as possible.  After a brief moment to discuss your chief concerns in private, a short session is provided.  You’ll then rest with the needles for 15-30 minutes.  You might be surprised to find yourself napping during this rest time!



Please wear loose fitting clothing for your session

Please arrive as scent free as possible (no perfumes, smell of cigarettes, etc.)



How is Community Acupuncture different than traditional Acupuncture?

Traditional Acupuncture is performed in a private room.  There is ample time given to discuss your health history.  Treatments can be longer and more detailed.  Cupping, Guasha or Tuina (a Chinese style of massage) are often included if needed.

Community Acupuncture will focus less on detailed health history and more on a specific issue or imbalance.  The treatments are shorter and more focused.  There is privacy to discuss your health concerns, but the focus is more on treatment and less on discussion.  The treatment plan is based less on signs and symptoms and more on pulse diagnosis and palpation.  No Cupping, Guasha or Tuina will be offered.


Which type of Acupuncture should I choose?

As you might have noticed, my main clinic is right across the street.  I have years of experience treating people in a more traditional setting.  My main purpose in starting this clinic is to provide healing for those who can’t afford my regular rates.

That being said, I don’t think there’s a bad style of Acupuncture out there.  It’s more a matter of what works best for you.  Some people do better with more detailed sessions.  Some do better with fewer needles and plenty of time to rest.  Some might do well with a little of both.


How much should I pay for my session?

Treatments are done on a sliding scale and there is no set fee.  Generally, people pay between $15-40 per session.  You choose what to pay based on your income and savings.

The goal is to make it affordable for you to feel better.  If you can’t afford to pay $15, then pay what you can.  You give whatever feels right to you.


How to schedule:

For now, we are still in the process of opening.  Please contact via phone/text/email if you are interested in receiving treatment.  We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Kevin Laux



A note from the Acupuncturist

I love my job!  Acupuncture is an amazing medicine that can help people in so many different ways.  Like all all medicine practiced by highly trained individuals, it does not come cheap.   Our rates need to be high in order to cover business expenses such as rent, licensing, malpractice insurance and supplies.  We also have significant student loans and of course need to provide for our families.

That being said, I have a hard time practicing medicine that some people can’t afford.  As such, I am offering donation based Community Acupuncture 1-2 days/week.  While different, it is a more affordable, yet still effective style of treatment.

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