How long will it take for me to feel better?


Every case is different.  Everyone heals at a different pace.  Some people experience “miracle healing”, where everything becomes instantaneously better.  Other conditions are more stubborn and can take a while before healing starts to set in.  Most cases fall somewhere in between.  Generally speaking, there are a couple of determining factors in how quickly you’ll find the relief you’re seeking.

  • Duration of problem: The longer you’ve had a problem, the longer it will usually take to heal.  A general way to calculate time of recovery is that for every month you’ve been dealing with something, you will need one week worth of sessions to recover.  So if you’ve been dealing with a problem for 8 months, you might plan on 8 weeks of treatment.  This is a conservative number; healing can definitely happen faster than this in the right circumstances.
  • Other health complications: A lot of times, the discomfort you’re seeking relief from stems from underlying problems.  Relief from symptoms will become more permanent once the root imbalance is properly addressed
  • Compliance to treatment plan:  People with multiple health issues often will be given instructions on what needs to change in their lives.  This can include diet, lifestyle, exercise instructions or herbs/supplements to take.  The more action you can take in your personal life, the quicker things will heal for you.  You are the greatest instigator of change in your life.  Some of the greatest healing some will experience derives from the actions they take.  
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