Does Acupuncture hurt?


Most people who are afraid of needles are so because of their experience with hypodermic needles (which are used for injecting fluids or drawing blood).  Acupuncture needles are different in two ways; they are much smaller and are not hollow as they don’t .  This makes insertion into the skin much gentler, and your skin doesn’t get damaged in the process.  

There is some feeling associated with Acupuncture, though it is very different than with a hypodermic needle.  You could liken it to when you’re getting a good, deep massage.  It can be intense on occasion but it’s a “good hurt”.  I have personally treated many people with a stated fear of needles.  The vast majority of the have a pleasant experience and reschedule for another visit in the future.

Here are some of the different sensations that can be experienced with acupuncture:

  • mild pressure or a dull ache
  • hot or cold sensations
  • sensation traveling along the associated meridian
  • pressure relief or a feeling of things “escaping from the needle”
  • a generally pleasant pulsing sensation
  • your body feeling like it’s getting lighter
  • your body feeling like it’s melting into the table

If you have a fear of needles, please share it either when booking your appointment or at the beginning of your session.  The utmost care will be taken in making sure that you are comfortable during the treatment; you will be given every chance to slow things down if needed to.

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