What is Classical Chinese Medicine?


The most common form of Acupuncture practiced in the United States is Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It became the main export of Chinese Medical knowledge after the cultural revolution took over in China in the 1950’s.  It represents the government’s attempt to create a unified theory and practice of Medicine.  To do so, some information and practices were left out.

Classical Chinese Medicine refers more to a style of practice that is rooted in the ancient classic textbooks.  The particular style practiced during your treatments comes from a lineage of Daoism.  My teacher, Jeffrey Yuen, is the 88th generation of the Daoist Jade School of Purity.  They verbally pass down their teachings from master to student, thus much less information was lost during the cultural revolution.

Both Classical and Traditional Chinese Medicine offer a lot of health benefits to those receiving treatments.  I have personally found that as I learn more about Classical Chinese Medicine, i have found more success with complicated illnesses, even those who have sought out many different healing modalities.

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